DJ Ani and DJ Sema
Top Bible Games for 2002

I was so thrilled with the positive feedback from last year's review of the top Bible games for youth that I couldn't wait to take a look at what's new and what's hot for 2002. DJ Sema has also been kind enough to review several Christian Bible games which will appeal to a wide range of youth.

DJ Ani's
Top Choices for 2002
DJ Sema's
Top Choices for 2002
Saints of Virtue:
Bible Basketball:
Spiritual Warfare:
Ominous Horizons:
Charlie the Church Mouse Bible Adventures
Acts of the Apostles:
Gil's Bible Jumble:
Bible Concentration:
CJıs Closet:
Bible Crossword Challenge:
Dragon Raid:
Bible Super Games:
Journey through Jerusalem:
Here A Little, There A Little.
Saints of Virtue:
Gospel Parallels:
Heaven Quest:
The Grape Vine:

DJ Ani's Picks

1. Saints of Virtue: Fast-paced and intense action! Mysterious Fast-paced and intense action! Tons of mysterious & surrealistic levels with all kinds of traps, mazes, with all kinds of traps, Fast-pace, puzzles, and surprises. Daring Challenges of wit and skill. 3-D 1st-person perspective! Great sound effects and music! Have a great time!

2. Catechumen: Spectacular sound and incredible 3-D graphics take you on an adventure where you are the sole remaining guardian of Truth is being stalked by the ultimate enemy. In order to survive, you must believe! The game is based on Christian scriptures, and forces you to take a stand between Good and Evil! http://store.yaĵ

3. Ominous Horizons: Your quest is to recover hidden text, placed by evil minions under orders of Satan, to prevent the printing of the Bible and the rise of Western Civilization. Great explorations of dungeons, mazes, and puzzles. Defeat the ultimate evil!

4. Acts of the Apostles: This software program is an interactive Bible atlas and quiz based on the New Testament book of Acts. Visually follow the journeys of the 1st century apostles as you read each chapter on the screen. Maps can be printed out. Quizzes are also available to test one's knowledge as you progress throughout the game. Visually follow the journeys of the 1st century apostles as you read each chapter on the screen. Itıs a great game, and also tests your knowledge!

5. Bible Concentration: This animated, multimedia game is like the TV game show "Concentration" but with a Biblical theme. Match puzzle squares to uncover the underlying Bible verse. Great animation and colors!

6. Bible Crossword Challenge: A challenging, educational puzzle game. Now you can SOLVE electronic BIBLE crossword puzzles on your computer interactively! All clues are related to the Bible. Very attractive! So much fun!

7. Bible Super Games: Generates word search, word jumble, cryptograms, word matching, and word building puzzles based on the Bible. Puzzle creation is "wizard" driven, and puzzles can be created in seconds. Great Fun!!

8. Here A Little, There A Little... A Tetris style Bible word game that requires quick thinking and action. The player must position the falling words into a Bible verse before time expires. This is a great game for quick thinkers!

9. Gospel Parallels: By displaying the 4 books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John side by side, you can find any matching parallel passages in any of the books at the press of one key! Great game when you need to relax!

10. The Grape Vine: A delightfully challenging, graphical Bible word game. Very similar in play to "Wheel Of Fortune" and "Hangman", but now with a new twist! Uncover the missing letters to a Bible verse or phrase before the grapes turn to raisins! A tough game, but so much fun to play!

DJ Sema's Picks

1. Bible Basketball: Testing your knowledge of Bible facts was never more exciting. With challenging questions about your faith you choose the correct answer from multiple questions. After selecting an answer your player takes a shot for the net. If youıre right itıs a...slam-dunk!

2. Spiritual Warfare: Your exploring modern cities as a soldier of the Lord and you seek to find the full armor of God. While you travel you meet criminal characters and confront many obstacles that challenge the strength of your faith. Answer the questions correctly to build up your health and empower your faith.

3. Charlie the Church Mouse Bible Adventures, Preschool: Great for younger children,Charlie the Church Mouse contains exciting bible games and amazing graphics. It contains 6 thrilling activities, each presenting the knowledge from a Bible story: Creation, Noahıs Ark, Jonah and the Whale, Three Wise Men, Fishes and Loaves and Parable of the Lost Coin. The words of the stories are told through various games.

4. Gil's Bible Jumble: An amazing Trivia/Action game for very young children. Gilıs Bible Jumble is guaranteed not to lose younger childrenıs interest. Teaching pre-school children scriptures through Bible Breakout and a matching puzzle game will give children a head start on knowing their Lord through exciting activities.

5. CJıs Closet: CJıs closet is a safe game with the attempt to bring high quality family oriented games. Great for children of 5 and up is played with families. The CD offers a range of activities; games and stories oriented to children and specifically meant to be safe for anyone to play.

6. Dragon Raid: Is a well used disciplining tool. A playing game designed to help teach Christian leadership and help Christians learn more about the scriptures and Christian life. Shown through well-animated activities it teaches the player in an extremely effective way of reaching youth with the message of the Bible.

7. Journey through Jerusalem: A fast-paced action game that presents the biblical history in such an entertaining and education fashion. The game takes place on a vacation in Jerusalem through the time of Jesus and the crusaders. The game has a spectacular learning target guaranteed to teach you more then you expected.

8. Saints of Virtue: Includes 4 major levels where the enemies you will face are divided up into two major categories. You must represent things in life that fight against learning God's truth (worldliness, fear, vanity, arrogance and self-glorification). With amazing fast-track action you must fight for your religion. Evil stands between your relation ship with God and the only one who can save it is you. The only way to save yourself is to use the correct scriptures.

9. Heaven Quest: Is a straightforward game that has enough action to entertain everyone. Each person can choose a level of difficulty so the game challenges everyone. By answering trivia questions you get more "grace" a stack of gold coins. Trivia questions are based upon the Bible.

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