ARHNJ Addresses New technology

SOUTH ORANGE, NJ ­ "Through the accessibility of radio via the Internet, I am pleased to announce that distance is no longer an obstacle for ARHNJ in reaching more listeners," said Vartan Abdo, Director of The Armenian Radio Hour of New Jersey (ARHNJ). "Our audience is now comprised of people from all over the United States, Canada, Europe and Armenia."

ARHNJ has been repeatedly asked how to access these online features. If one has a computer with a sound card, speakers, and an Internet connection, then he/she has the capability to tune in to any radio station that broadcasts over the Internet - for free.

To hear ARHNJ live on Sundays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., one must first download the free Real Player at Once that has been downloaded and installed, one can then visit to hear ARHNJ during its air time. ARHNJ has its own website as well (which incidentally has a link to at There are countless radio stations broadcasting on the Internet, and one can easily find any other station and music of onešs choice by visiting

"To help us improve out program and to better serve a global community, we need that communityšs feedback. In my estimation, all of these different methods" of reaching new people are undertaken with the aim of receiving that much stronger of a response," said Jack Chekijian of ARHNJ.

To contact the Radio Hour, simply e-mail then at or fax them at (973) 761-1450 or post a message on their web site,

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