Video and Audio Contributions to

Criteria for Video Contributions

Video/Audio Content would like to make your Armenian video and audio available to the greater Armenian community. If you have video footage you feel would be of interest to the Armenian community please send us your footage or audio and if appropriate, we will digitize and offer the footage in streaming format to the Armenian community.

Video Content
Armenian sports events
Masses and religious ceremonies (weddings, baptisms, etc.)
Youth choirs in your local Armenian church
News events of interest to the Armenian community
Footage from recent trips to Armenia (Yerevan, Vanadzor, etc.)
Footage of your local Armenian community (friends, family, etc.)
Armenian community projects (Church, youth, etc.)

Audio Content
Armenian records unavailable on CD
Local Armenian choral groups
Original Armenian or Diaspora music
Armenian language lessons

Video/Audio Format
We can convert your video footage from VHS, Mini DV, or Super 8 mm and stream it from our site's servers. For audio format we can convert tapes or CD materials. Please make tape copies of any LPs or other media.

You can also provide a brief message to the Armenian community with your footage and we will post that on our site if we use your footage. Please send your video or audio footage to:

Video/Audio Footage
c/o CAKE Foundation
30 Kennedy Plaza
Providence, RI 02903