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Youth Articles
Last updated 7/25/02

DJ Ani and DJ Sema - New Bible Games for 2002! now includes a delightful collection of articles specifically geared towards Armenian Youth, for their enjoyment, consideration and inspiration.

Whittier Student Learns Inner Workings of Congressional Office During Assembly Internship

ARHNJ Addresses New technology

Individual Responsibility as an Armenian

Christian Shareware, Bible Games, and other Online Educational Tools
reviewed by DJ Ani

1. Guiding Light Video contains online games, and both educational and bible games that you may purchase.

2. Christianity Today offers games that you may play online, as well as the latest Christian news.

3. Free Christian Software tells about Christ and also has free Christian software.

4. Jesus Answers contains educational tools from bible study's to acategorized selection of the words of Christ that has inspired the world, from the four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Also contains bible games such as slide and crossword puzzles. These puzzles make Bible Study a great spiritual and intellectual exercise
5. Day Star has games that you can download online.

6. Animagnation contains many Bible and Christian games for purchase.

7. Wisdom Tree contains many educational Christian games to be sold.

8. Youth Ministry tells a lot about the youth in the church and has many games to buy.

9. Inspired Idea has many games for kids online.

10. Christian Fun Store has many thrilling Christian games.

11. Christian Computer and video games has a wide variety of computer games from learning bible verses to fighting in the game called revelation.

12. Christian Shopper sells Christian games.

Scholarships and Internships

Database of Armenian Scholarships- new!

If you are sponsoring Armenian internships or scholarships and would like to make them available through our site, please send your information to and we will be happy to add them to our list.


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