Ernekian Master Plan for Zvartnots
Approved by RA Government

ArmTV, APRIL 10, 2003. The Government of Armenia approved the "Master Plan" submitted by Zvartnots airport concessionary Argentinian Armenian Eduardo Ernekian. In accordance with the plan, $59 mln investment made by the Corporation America will be used for building two new sectors in the airport. The contract envisages that currently functioning round service hall would not be used for the organization of flights after its repair, and will be turned into trade or hotel facility. The construction of the first section of the new airport named Zvartnots Hayastan will start within 60 days.

The building that provides passport, customs and other services to large number of passengers at the same time, will be designed so that it meets international standards. The second sector of Zvartnots will double the airport's flight capacities. According to the "Master Plan" submitted by Eduardo Ernekian, at least in five years Armenian air transportation system would be able to compete with its most powerful analogues in the region.

Eduardo Ernekian predicts that soon Armenia would become an air crossroad for transit routes between East and West. In accordance with Zvartnots lease agreement, an investment amounted from $80 to $100 mln will be made in the airport in the course of 15 years.