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Featured photographs of Hrair Hawk Khatcherian

An independent Armenian Photographer Hrair Hawk Khatcherian has compiled a 200 page photographic journey of Artsakh (Karabagh) in addition to thousands of other photographs, some selected ones available through his site -link to Hrair Khatcherian's site

Below are some of his selected works.

"The story of the people of Artsakh is littered with ancient, almost indecipherable memories; it is punctuated with cries of mourning; it reeks with the smoke of ancient battles.

The story takes thousands of years to tell; to tell the story fully would take longer than the lives of all the grandmothers and grandfathers since ancient times.

It is a story so filled with wonder and sadness, you'd almost think the Armenians developed their alphabet simply in order to write it down: a unique story, uniquely recorded.

All Armenians, especially those in Artsakh, know the importance of writing things down; after all, some of the stories which must be told are so painful they are hard to speak aloud, and so they must be written down.

The stories must survive."

- an excerpt from Joe Fiorito, freelance journalist (taken from Hrair Khatcherian's site)
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"Sunflowers of Artsakh", Karabagh. "Sona's Wedding". Fruits of Armenia
Lake Van at sunset, historically Armenia, modern-day Turkey. "Gossip". Women resting in a Yerevan park, Republic of Armenia.
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These images were used with the permission of Hrair Khatcherian and any reproduction without the permission of Hrair Khatcherian is prohibited. For information on obtaining his works please visit his site or if you would like to participate in's online marketplace please contact us at