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Cool Christian Money Sites for Teens
by DJ Ani

There are two really cool web sites that I think you'll have fun surfing, and you'll learn a lot at the same time. On these two web-sites you will see how to save, manage, and spend your money. Both of these web-sites deal with many super issues. Not only are these sites for us teens, but we also we find tools to help educate our parents- and, we all want to educate our parents, right? So new, is that the stories offer ways to free us from being slaves to money and provide us more real freedom.

The Two sites are:

- Money Matters for Kids
- The Lutheran Brotherhood-
Kids & Money

Both web-sites link together faith with values and finances. They show a good Christian how to manage your own money, so you can magnify the power of each dollar. Ya, it is like turning one dollar into more. . There are many links such as money morals which show you how not only to handle your money wisely, with a Christian perspective.

There are short studies on both web-sites telling how to get out of debt (especially with those dreaded credit cards), spending your hard earned cash, investing those dollar to help others, earning money, saving your money, budgeting, training lessons, and -even- investing. The study guides are really easy to use. Each lesson teaches you a new principle - and, lesson are so totally usable every day.

Each site offers ever more serious classes for those who want to really test our skills by climbing the highest mountains.

In this area there are teacher and counselor training - you may also buy books about the so useful subjects, and much more. A few of all-out best classes are: "How to Manage Your Money" and "The Family Financial Workshop." These workshops will prepare you to teach biblical principles of stewardship. Budgeting in your church, and will also enhance your counseling training. How great is that !!!!!

There is also a ton of information on how to support your ministry. Helpful hints to fulfill the great commission in our time. Find out how to donate stocks or mutual funds here. Outreach Partners are the backbone of support for our churches. Fund-Raising Guidelines are also available on both of these web-sites.

These to sites are triple wow's. It's super important to keep faith as a big part of your money and life.
Check them out and let me know what you think. Email me at

Other Resources for Young Entrepreneurs

Youth Main Page -'s main youth page with internships, bible games and resources

Education Main Page -'s main youth page with financial education, Armenian school listings, and education resources and organizations

Young Entrepreneurs Organization
- A global non-profit educational organization for young entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneur Network - Information and counsel for startups, "grass roots" attitude - Starting a business? They have many of the resources you may need- from home office supplies for starting your own small business to financincing and marketing that business

Wise Counsel - Online resources for Christian entrepreneurs

Accel Partners - a Venture Capital Fund focusing on Internet/Intranet and Communications startups with some online resources

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